Original Title
Jakt på ett vitt fält

Suspense drama

Production Year

Country of Origin

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97 mins
Local release date
19. April 2024 by TriArt


Sarah Gyllenstierna
Sarah Gyllenstierna (based on a novel by Mats Wägeus)

Ardalan Esmaili
Magnus Krepper
Jens Hultén

Production Company
MostAlice Film AB

Maria Larsson Guerpillon
Charlotte Most



Three men go on an extended weekend hunting trip. An initial spell of hunting success sharpens their instincts and stirs a sense of rivalry. But one day all animals vanish without a trace and the forest turns eerily quiet. The men become obsessed with the idea that the hunt must continue, no matter how dangerous or absurd the consequences.

Sarah Gyllenstierna


Sarah Gyllenstierna’s short film Class Trip premiered in the international competition of the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and aired on Canal Plus France and Afrique. Gyllenstierna’s previous film Im Your Man aired on Swedish national broadcaster SVT and was selected for over a dozen film festivals. Gyllenstierna has worked as assistant director and producer on films by directors and artists including Spike Lee and Matthew Barney. Hunters on a White Field is Gyllenstierna’s feature film debut.

Digital Pitch

"Telling this story gave me the opportunity to face an abiding fear of mine: that we’re all capable of committing violent acts for no reason that can be believed or understood from a distance. The fear that psychological explanations are not enough; that humans have an infinite capacity for irrational and self-destructive behavior and that we will never know why or be able to prevent it."

- Director Sarah Gyllenstierna

– Director Sarah Gyllenstierna


Charlotte Most


Charlotte Most holds a Master of Economics from the School of Economics in Gothenburg, Sweden and has attended The New York Film Academy in NYC. Most set up her company Mostfilm in 2000. In 2019 she and producer Maria L Guerpillon established MostAlice in Stockholm. Attending the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs program (EAVE) 2010, established Most as a Film- and TV producer in Europe. Her films have been screened at various festivals and venues throughout the world, including Sundance, Shanghai International Film Festival, CPH-DOX, Sarajevo Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. 


Maria Larsson Guerpillon


Over the years, Guerpillon has produced drama, documentaries, tv programs and corporate/commercials. Started the production company dfm in 2000 and later the sister company dfm fiction. Was the company’s CEO until 2013 when the companies were sold. In 2019 she and producer Charlotte Most established MostAlice. Educated at JMK (PhD in journalism) and Stockholm University (Swedish, History, Economic History). Courses in co-production at StDH and leadership courses such as Producer as a leader are examples of later courses. Has lived and worked in Paris.


Ardalan Esmaili


Raised in Sweden by Iranian parents, Ardalan Esmaili studied at Stockholm’s University of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduating he performed his much talked-about monologue ”No Title” at Stockholm Civic Theatre and worked with stellar names from Sweden’s acting world at The Royal Dramatic Theatre. Having become a familiar face to audiences via his TV roles, Esmaili captured the international audience in 2017 with his performance in Milad Alami’s film, The Charmer. Since then, Esmaili has worked on features Sea Fever by Neasa Hardiman, Can You See the Moon, Daniel, by Niels Arden Oplev and reunited once again with Alami for his sophomore feature Opponent that premiered at the 2023 Berlinale. Esmaili’s prolific career has continued with his stellar performance in TV series Snow Angels by Anna Zackrisson and Netlfix’ Snabba Cash. His most recent project is Sky Showtime’s Codname: Annika.

Magnus Krepper


Magnus Krepper is a critically acclaimed Swedish actor. Krepper is best known for his work in the success series The Bridge, The Millenium series, feature film Call girl (dir. by Mikael Marcimain) and A Cure for Wellness (dir. by Gore Verbinski). To his most recent productions include feature films Queen of Hearts (dir. by May el Toukhy), Margarete -Queen of the North (dir. by Charlotte Sieling), What Remains (dir. by Ran Huang), The Promised Land (dir. by Nikolaj Arcel) as well as Swedish tv-series Händelser vid Vatten. In 2005 Krepper received a Swedish Film award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Mun mot mun (dir. by Björn Runge), and in 2020 he received the Danish film award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in feature film Queen of Hearts. Krepper recently finished shooting the anticipated Disney series To Cook a Bear.

Jens Hultén


Jens Hultén is one of Sweden’s most accomplished actors known for hit-series Johan Falk, Conspiracy of Silence as well as his roles in feature films The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared (dir. by Felix Herngren) and The Master Plan (dir. by Alain Darborg). Internationally best known for his roles in James Bond: Skyfall (dir. by Sam Mendes), Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation (dir. by Christopher McQuarrie) and in Alpha (dir. by Albert Hughes) To Hultén’s most recent productions include tv series Bäckström, Åremorden, Maffia as well as Netflix series Evil that will premiere fall of 2023.

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